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    • A modular map of Bradykinin‑mediated inflammatory signaling network 

      Kandasamy, Richard Kumaran (2021)
      Abstract: Bradykinin, a member of the kallikrein-kinin system (KKS), is associated with an inflammatory response pathway with diverse vascular permeability functions, including thrombosis and blood coagulation. In majority, ...
    • Single-cell transcriptome identifies FCGR3B upregulated subtype of alveolar macrophages in patients with critical COVID-19 

      Nassir, Nasna; Tambi, Richa; Bankapur, Asma; Al Heialy, Saba; Karuvantevida, Noushad; Zehra, Binte; Begum, Ghausia; Hameid, Reem Abdel; Ahmed, Awab; Shabestari, Seyed Ali Safizadeh; Kandasamy, Richard Kumaran; Loney, Tom; Tayoun, Ahmad Abou; Nowotny, Norbert; Hachim, Mahmood Yaseen; Berdiev, Bakhrom K.; Alsheikh-Ali, Alawi; Uddin, Mohammed (2021)
      Summary: Understanding host cell heterogeneity is critical for unraveling disease mechanism. Utilizing large-scale single-cell transcriptomics, we analyzed multiple tissue specimens from patients with life-threatening ...